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Półtorak Gronowy

Polish mead Półtorak Gronowy

PÓŁTORAK GRONOWY – a fruity drinking wine with a minimum of 30% of the water needed for production replaced by grape juice.

Matured by aging. Stored in stoneware bottles, it is characterized by a full and noble taste. The alcoholic content is around 16%. A special blend of the highest quality grapes and honey create a unique bouquet – a masterpiece of meadery.

The tempting aroma of grapes and the rare richness and taste of honey is simply heaven for the palatte.

Awarded a gold medal at the 10th annual Wine and Meadery Competition in Torun, Poland in 2001 organized by the Winery and Meadery Council of Poland.

Poured and sold in ceramic bottles of 250 ml, 750 ml and glass bottles of 750ml.

Polish mead

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