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Dwójniak Jubileuszowy

Polish mead

DWÓJNIAK JUBILEUSZOWY – „Jubileuszowy” mead  – limited edition.

As the name suggests, “Jubilee” is a special Dwójniak. When creating it several years ago we did not think it would be such a high quality mead.

Years of aging did the job. From the appearance of the packaging to the very contents in each bottle, the essence of twenty-three years of family tradition can be felt with each sip. In smell, a light touch of fruit with nuts like dwójniak „AM” and dwójniak „Jabłkowy”.

The taste shows balanced acidity, astringency and the irresistible spice associated with our flagship products, „Maliniak” and „Koronny”. A unique mead for special occasions.

Poured and sold in ceramic bottles of 1500 ml.

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