Trójniak mead

  • Trójniak Herbowy / Wójczyc

    Trójniak Herbowy / Wójczyc

    A high quality trójniak mead produced with mostly autumn honey and a touch of spring honey, herbs and juices. The alcohol content is around 13%.

  • Trójniak Trybunalski

    Trójniak Trybunalski

    A typical trójniak produced with the proportions of one part honey to two parts water. Matured by aging.

Dwójniak mead

  • Dwójniak AM

    Dwójniak AM

    Produced from a mixture of summer and autumn honey with a touch of aromatic home-grown herbs.

  • Dwójniak Jabłkowy

    Dwójniak Jabłkowy

    A fruity drinking wine in which 30 % of the water needed for production is replaced by juice procured from older best-loved apple varieties.

  • Dwójniak Jubileuszowy

    Dwójniak Jubileuszowy

    (This product is unavailable)

    As the name suggests, “Jubilee” is a special Dwójniak

  • Dwójniak Koronny

    Dwójniak Koronny

    A typical dwójniak produced with equal parts honey and water with a mixture of specialty herbs from Poland and produced with mainly dark autumn honey.

  • Dwójniak Lipiec

    Dwójniak Lipiec

    This unique dwójniak is made ​​from pure honey lime from the Borecka Forest. Matured by aging. The alcohol content is around 15%.

  • Dwójniak Maliniak

    Dwójniak Maliniak

    A fruity drinking wine with a minimum of 30% of the water needed for production replaced by raspberry juice. Created from the highest quality multi-flower honey.

Półtorak mead

  • „Półtorak” mead

    „Półtorak” mead

    It is classic, yet not “genuine” mead. In order to slightly intensify the taste and…

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