Our meads reach their delicious taste during long-term aging. The raw material for their production is bee honey, water and herbs.

As in ancient times, the production does not use artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives, stabilizers and ripening. By applying these measures we could accelerate production and reduce costs, however, this would conflict with our intended and highly sought-after goal of producing a high-quality mead for our customers to enjoy.

The unique taste and fullness of our meads are captured by storing them in stone bottles made ​​the old-fashioned way with Bolesławiec pottery clay, similar to the historic Polish tradition.

When drinking our mead it is worthwhile to remember the proverb which says:

 „A glass of mead a day
Keeps the doctor away”

The main types of meads produced by our company:

Półtorak – formed by mixing one part honey with a half part water. Due to the high concentration of sugars, fermentation takes a long time and mead matures after about nine years of aging.

Dwójniak – formed by mixing one part honey with one part water. Dwójniak is a sweet honey with maturation lasting more than four years.

Trójniak – formed by mixing one part honey with two parts water. This is semi-sweet mead, with maturation lasting around a year.

Fruit meads are produced by replacing at least 30% of water for fermentation with fruit juice. Dwójniak Maliniak is formed by the addition of raspberry juice. Dwójniak Jabłkowy is formed with the addition of apple juice.  Półtorak Gronowy is formed by adding grape juice to the mead. 

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